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You can interact with our very own custom AI. Ask about itself below or by clicking the bot icon at the bottom right of the page.

Pricing plans

We provide a range of different price points and plans to suit businesses, clubs and teams of all sizes


Best option for personal use on a website or project

$29 /month
  • 1 Custom AI
  • 5 Documents
  • 1 Websites
  • 50 URLs
  • Website Support
  • Individual setup
  • Restrict access by domain
  • API Access
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Start Up

Best for small businesses that want to control access to content

$99 /month
  • 2 Custom AIs
  • 20 Documents
  • 2 Websites
  • 500 URLs
  • Website & Email Support
  • Individual setup
  • Restrict access by domain
  • API Access
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Best for larger organizations that need multiple AIs

$499 /month
  • Unlimited Custom AIs
  • 200 Documents
  • 3 Websites
  • 5,000 URLs
  • Website, Email & Phone Support
  • Assisted setup
  • Restrict access by domain
  • API Access
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AI trained on your business data

Train your custom AI on your internal knowledge base, process documents, and files. Upload Excel, Word, PDF, CSV files and more.

Private AIs

Create private and AIs that have access to confidential internal data. Embed your AI on your private intranet and limit access by domain.

Public AIs

Create public AIs using customer facing data, such as your website content. Embed your AI on a website via a widget or iframe, and let it do the explaining.

Customize your AIs

Select your AI's personality, purpose, give it a name and color, and welcome message that aligns with your brand.

Chat based

Say goodbye to wading through internal documents. Chat with your custom AI, trained on anything you give it access to.

Upload documents

Train you custom AI on practically your internal documentation, such as processes, procedures, policies, or training content.

Connect websites

Train your AI on the wealth of knowledge found on your website, such as case studies, terms, pricing, or blog content.


Your data privacy is our top priority. We employ state-of-the-art encryption and security measures to keep your financial information safe.

Enterprise ready is built on enterprise level technology. We are built to scale with you.

(In)frequently asked questions

Here are some you might like to know before getting started creating your own AI for your business, club or team.

What content can I use to train my AI?

You can connect you AI to any website or helpdesk, and upload most document formats that are widely used in business including PDF, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, CSV, HTML, Text files and more.

Can I customize my AI?

Yes, you can customize your AI image, color, personality, purpose, welcome message, and, of course, the content you train it on. Enterprise subscribers will have access to more powerful customizations soon.

Can I restrict who accesses my AI?

Yes, you can restrict access to your AI. You can restrict access to specific documents by creating separate AIs and restricting access from certain IP addresses. For confidential information, we strongly recommend you add your AI to a secure intranet.

How can people interact with my AI?

People can currently interact with your AI via a chat widget on your website (see the one on the bottom right of this page) of via an iframe embedded in a web page. In the near future, on enterprise plans you will also be able to interact via messaging systems such as Slack and Teams.

How do I subscribe?

You can subscribe to a plan by signing up. You will be prompted to take out a subscription when you land on the dashboard. Subscriptions are all handled via Stripe and you can cancel at any time.

Does my AI have memory?

Yes, your custom AI has short term memory. What this means is that in any individual chat the AI can recall the chat history. This is more than just simple document QA. Importantly, your AI also remembers chats over website sessions.

Does my AI support multi-user interactions?

Currently, your AI can only interact with a single individual at a time. However, we are working on multi-user interactions and will be releasing this feature in the near future for enterprise subscribers.

What does the free version include?

Unfortunately, we do not provide a free version given the complexity and costs associated with training and interacting with AI tools. However, you are able to try Osher by interacting with it on this site. Also, you can always take out a paid plan and cancel if it doesn't work for you.

Is my AI automatically retrained?

Yes, whenever you add or remove documents from your AI it is automatically retrained. You can also retrain your AI on updated website pages. This may take a few minutes.

What features do you have planned?

In the near future, we expect to support multi-user interactions (with memory), multi-user accounts for teams, and integrating your personal business AI with Slack and Teams.

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